Human Dignity Organization

About Us

We are a non-profitable Addis Ababa-based organization providing support to children and poor people all around Ethiopia.

Who We Are?

A charitable organization with a legal personality. Its services include Ethiopia Center and its affiliated villages. It operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. Registered No. 6698.
The association provides in-kind and financial help to the beneficiaries, helping them to live in dignity, raising their need and poverty, and contributing to the benefit of society by providing quality programs.
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Our Vision
Pioneering social development and charitable work in the region .
Our Message
Helping the needy and needy groups financially and in kind in a way that preserves their dignity and gives them living stability and success in life for themselves and their families.
Our Goals
Achieving financial and social stability for needy families and raising the social and economic level within the scope of the association's services, providing assistance to the needy from orphans, widows, the poor and the needy, providing social services to the disabled, orphans, the elderly and other needy groups, contributing to the maintenance and improvement of public facilities in terms of social responsibility.

Humanity is help!

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